Airport Business Lounge

I love flying and going places. It is so much more civilized to be able to relax in a business lounge before departing. However, since I will not be flying business class I must admit that I feel like somewhat of an imposter. Business lounge implies people flying for business or wanting the comforts a business class designation brings with it. So if I feel like an imposter then I wonder if there are others in here as well?

I am a people watcher. I see some people super concentrated on their computer and iPad screens. Are they working or playing games? Others are piling up on the snacks as though they were delicious and they had not eaten in days. I fill in the blanks and make up stories about the people, their relationships, who is not with them and a part of their lives. One man carrying on a conversation with who I supposed was his boss stating emphatically that he was not going to do the assignment because he was tired of cleaning up someone else’s mess. I wondered about his deep feelings of hurt and not feeling appreciated and then I wondered about the voices I was not hearing and other sides of the story.

One conversation I overheard was a man with his wife on the telephone to a caregiver. He mentioned that the person being cared for was going to suffer because today he needed to take a big pill and tomorrow’s pill will be smaller, so don’t worry. I felt concern for the caregiver and how difficult it must be caring for someone who is suffering. Then I heard the man direct the caregiver to mix the wet food with the dry food and I realized it was not a person being cared for, but a pet. I assumed a dog. I had been picturing a feeble old man and the image was so far from the reality of this conversation. If I had stopped listening sooner I may never have known it was a dog and not a person.

How often do we stop listening when there is still more to hear?


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