Hello world!

The photo on the home page was taken during a drive one recent morning in Florida. The clouds looked so fluffy, the sky was so blue and the trees were a rich, dark green. There weren’t many cars on the road and there was a gentle quiet all around. The angle of the trees along the road and the clouds up ahead made me feel I was floating toward the end of the road, no question about changing direction, and that I would be embraced by these soft clouds.

I am writing this blog because as an observer of people and their communication, what is said and not said, responded to and not, fascinate me. As an observer of others I also apply the practice to observe myself to see what I say, how I say it, what I choose not to say, what I do not say even without choice, and how we all interact and respond to one another. As a sociologist I watch dramas on TV when I travel to see how typical (are soap operas an example of what is typical?) people act with one another. I make up what I think they are saying when they speak in languages I do not understand. The patterns are usually similar if not the same.

I am also a storyteller and ever since elementary school I have been eager to share with others around me what I found amusing, disgraceful, ironic, joyful, heart wrenching and heartwarming. Days and days of silent meditation intrigue me and I am content admiring that practice from afar.

So if the spirit moves you, check in from time-to-time to dwell on my musings, but only if the spirit moves you.


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